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Street Lighting is an excellent way of increasing road and general safety at night and improves the quality of life for residents by helping to deter and reduce the fear of crime. Urban development programs are increasingly focused on rehumanising the urban environment, and we believe street lighting has a vital role to play in this regard, creating an appealing, inclusive ambience. NEMCCO’s immense target and achievement to provide an excellent services in design, supply, installation with testing & commissioning of street /highway road lighting system including civil & builder works hand over the job to the customer or clientele satisfaction.

The dynamic changes in economy, energy supplies and ecology on a world like scale require an adequate modernization of street lighting. However, this would be possible only with a quite new functional conception which in fact means adaptability of street lighting. Simultaneous ensuring of the conditions of the same traffic and decreasing the energy consumption and operational costs could be realized in conformity with the constantly changing parameters of the environment. In conformity with the 24 hours change of daylight, the highly changeable traffic, the variable meteorological conditions and some extreme situations on the roads, the intensity of street lighting should change in a dynamic manner new technical devices and methods that are offered by technical progress will be necessary obviously for the realization of adaptive lighting.